2023 OSB Law Improvement Package

Below are proposed legislative concepts for the Oregon State Bar (OSB) Law Improvement Program for the 2023 Oregon legislative session.  These proposals were reviewed and adopted by the OSB Board of Governors and have been submitted to the Oregon Legislature for consideration.

For any questions about these concepts and the OSB Law Improvement Program, please contact Susan Grabe at [email protected] and Amy Zubko at [email protected]. If you have any difficulty accessing the documents or any technical difficulties, please contact OSB Public Affairs at [email protected].

2023 Oregon State Bar Board of Governors Draft Legislative Proposals for Consideration:

2023 Oregon State Bar Law Section and Committee Draft Legislative Proposals for Consideration:


  • HB 2324  Update to the Proof of Mail Requirement – Amend ORS 19.260(1)(a) to allow an appellant to take advantage of the mailing rule for filing notices of appeal in a manner that provides clear rules of litigants and reduces burdens on the appellate courts to accept first-class mail filings.



      • HB 2330   Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act (UFTA) – Adopt the amended language from the Uniform Law Commission found in the Uniform Voidable Transactions Act to update the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act. These amendments update the UFTA to:  (1) clarify that non-fraudulent transfers can still be covered hence voidable; (2) specify that creditors bear the burden of proof, except as to defenses; and (3) implement a predicable choice-of-law rule.


  • HB 2329   Notary and Witness Requirements – Modernize the Declaration for Mental Health Treatment and Appointment of Person to Make Decisions Concerning Disposition of Remains to also allow for a notary or witnesses. This update will provide greater access to these critical tools for maintaining agency when one cannot speak for themselves.


  • SB 308 A   Simple Estate Affidavit – Modify the current law to allow a petition to be filed requesting a court order authorizing the transfer of assets from the settlor’s name to the trust when there is evidence of intent that the assets be held in the trust, that there is a Will that names the trust as the sole beneficiary, and if creditors and DHS are not harmed.
  • SB 309   Publication of Notice – Update the requirements for Publication of Notice for Interested Persons found in in ORS 113.115.


Last updated: August 3, 2022